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Branding by Lettering Works

Chelsie Tamms is an artist for artists. She was commissioned to design our brand taking into account everything we are striving to achieve, and she delivered exactly what we were looking for. Working with her was an absolute joy, and on display below are various elements of our branding for you to learn about.


If you are a fellow artist who is looking to define or redefine your brand, please click on the link below for more information. I PROMISE you will be greatly rewarded.


This design succinctly embodies our mission. Each section represents the diverse pieces that come together to form a beautiful and vibrant gallery. These two fonts combine to convey our commitment to deliver a precise and quality-focused product with a playful artistic expression.

Primary Logo


Just as art evolves, so does the doughnut. Chelsie had a lot of fun with this one as she created doughnuts inspired by various art movements throughout history! See if you can identify the inspiration without looking at the cheat sheet below.


Top Row: Mondrian, Pointilism, Cubism

Bottom Row: Art Deco, Minimalism, Impressionism

Doughnart Movements

Puns for Days


Sometimes you just gotta get goofy.

Get ready for a lot of goofy doughnut names.

Thank you for the exciting and collaborative experience, Chelsie!

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